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Client Details
So far along with our associates have dispatched Hundreds of skilled and unskilled workers to various Middle Eastern Countries to the entire satisfaction of our principals.
1. Deema for trading & contracting. Jeddah.
2. Saudi marble company Jeddah.
3. Arabian Building Chemical Factory Jeddah.
4. Initial Saudi-Arabia Jeddah.
5. Saudi Arabian National Cleaning Co Jeddah.
6. Fanar Al-Khaleej. Jeddah.
7. National Fašade Grille. Jeddah.
8. Baaghil Establishment. Jeddah.
9. Mehdi Al-Malki Establishment. Jeddah.
10. Ahmad A. Al Kadi Establishment. Jeddah.
11. Casablanca Hotel. Jeddah.
12. Sameer Trading & Contracting Co. Jeddah.
13. Butterjee . Jeddah.
14. United Agencies . Jeddah.
15. Sheraton Hotel. Jeddah.
16. Ba-Waris Establishment. Jeddah.
17. Emana Establishment. Jeddah.
18. Streeters of Godalming. Jeddah.
19. SamWan Korean Co. Jeddah.
20. Lotty Construction. Jeddah.
21. Fusool Al-Arabaa. Jeddah.
22. SSS Supeerstore. Jeddah.
23. Samacom
24. Ma-Arad-Alwan. Jeddah.