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Selection Process
Every candidate understands as in-depth "face to face" interview with a senior consultant assess their skills and understand their need. This ensures that only put forward candidate meet your specific requirements. will ensure that you see the best selection of available and do not waste time and money.
1. Permission from Protector
On receipt of your requirement seeks permission from protector of emigrants to avoid every possible in discrepancy.
2. Advertising
Following this advertise on nationwide basis, using the press media for effective scanning.
3. Interviews & Tests
short list the applicants and issue calls for interviews and trade tests. carry out trade Techtical Training Centre (TTC) at trade test centers fully equipped with latest machinery and vital accessories. If principal desire, include them or their representatives in the interview panel. Trade tests are conducted under the invigilation of technical expertise.
4. Introduction to Working Conditions
In order to update the personnel about the working condition rules & regulation climate condition Laws & Jurisdiction of the country. arrange exclusive and special section for the candidates. Lectures and important notes are delivered And information is offering through our audiovisual library
5. Medical Test and Inoculation.
Changing climatic and geographic conditions around the world demand for constant held vigilance! carry out strict medical check ups at the laboratories, hospitals/medical centers approved by the concerned country. After clearance inoculation is carried out. These preventive measures ensure maximum health and safety assurance by our Man Power Bureau.
6. Visa stamping.
are entirely responsible for the Visa Stamping processing still the collection from the Embassies/Consulates/High Commissions. This is one of the many fool-proof steps aimed at restricting any type of mishap of fake documentation.
7. Registration
Registration of the selected personal with the protector of emergence is our responsibility. staff and representatives work dedicatedly with a spirit of service and pride assets!
8. Reservation & Ticketing.
have congenial links with PIA, SAUDI AIRLINES, EMIRATES, GULF AIR, KUWAIT AIRLINE, KATAR AIRWAYS, BRITISH AIRWAYS and other leading airlines. In fact, is always in a better position to offer services to the workers by fasters, accurate and prompt reservation and in time dispatch with the professional touch.
9. Follow ups.
ASIAN EQUATOR CO-OPERATION TRAVEL & TOURS Manpower Bureau keeps a constant track record through database of the exporters Man Power. is always at hand to help the services to the countryman, if at all through sheer and luck, if any controversy with principles never isolate desert him at any cost. It is by all means a part of our job and duty to see that he gets maximum relief/help and do our best to compensate him. serving the nation is our pride.